Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Self Portrait Series: Girls weekend in Vegas

Sara & I are pretty famous for our self portraits.

But we couldn't leave April out of the fun (or Ms. Green M & M)!

Poolside fun at the Wynn (in the shade with SPF 70 of course)!

We had a little help with this one.
 Sara and April figured out they've been friends for about 20 years. Good thing they've also known me for 17 of those years! 
It was a great weekend filled with lots of laughter, lots of memories and a lot of fun! I miss not seeing them everyday like back in college, or even about once a week when we were living in Boise, but I'll take a weekend like this anytime!


Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Fun! I can tell you all had a blast, judging by the smiles on your faces. Good for you for planning/doing a girls weekend!!!

IdahoGirls said...

Those are so funny. I can't believe how good the pics turn out for being self portraits! I have a better one of the 3 of us in the Wynn lobby we need to all share them somehow! It was so good to see you Megan! I still find myself laughing at random things that happened this weekend (what happens in Vegas stays so to speak so I will leave it vague)!! I hope your week went well let's not wait 6 years to do that again. Hugs,


Sara K. said...

I love these pictures! So fun! I am also very impressed at how quickly you got them up on your blog. I seem to be a little anti-blog lately! I agree with April. Las Vegas bingo is a must! I love all of the silly games we played. My students were hilarious when I got back they wanted to know a) if I gambled, b) if I drank, and c) if I was hit on by men. Because I was mum about it all, they had a very loud debate about if I did or did not. It was hilarious. So glad we made the trip happen! Here's to us doing it again soon. S

Sara K. said...

PS - Yay for Ape arms!