Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Patching Politeness

Ann over at Little Four Eyes has a great post this week about what not to say to young kids in eye patches. I think it's well written and very helpful. Especially now as our patching adventures have improved and we're venturing outside our house with the patch on.

We were at a play area at the mall on Saturday and I couldn't help but notice every kid that passed Ruby did stare a few extra moments, but not one of them said anything to her. She just laughed and kept climbing up the little slide, watching the big kids and then giggling as she made her way down.
(Ruby at our first out of the house adventure with the patch)

Thanks for the great advice Ann & LFE!


Amanda said...

She looks so cute in her pink camo patch!!!

Don't forget you can find imom support on Instagram too... Camo Patch Sundays post a pick each week #camopatchkids :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Meg! I'm so glad that things are improving and that Ruby is out and about with her patch on.

Amanda Wolfman said...

Sending strength and patience your way Meg! When I read your posts, I can just imagine the similar scenarios that must have played out when I was the kiddo in a similar situation to Ruby. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox