Thursday, February 08, 2007


That's right....what the f%&*! Last night some jackass felt the need to relieve me of my car stereo. That jackass used a crowbar to pry away my drivers side door handle (causing some body damage) and get in my car (which, was parked in a "secured" garage), dump out my trash bag, rifle through my Cd's, then steal my stereo. Now, using my Veronica Mars super-sleuth skills, I figured out that this jackass was indeed male. How do I know this you ask?

Well as I was cleaning up the trash and stuff that once lived in the console between the seats, I thought, "Huh, didn't I have more stuff in there?" So I opened it up and looked inside. Apparently, once the jackass got through the first layer of Kleenex packages, purell, hand lotion and napkins, he discovered the secret feminine product stash and stopped cold in his tracks. He also didn't have any taste in music! The jackass kindly left all of my Cd's! Which means I still get to groove to Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, Jewel, Kelly Clarkson and many more! (Stop laughing at my music selections Jessica and Rebecca, I like upbeat tunes when I drive!).

However, the jackass did take my trash bag (odd - but he's a jackass so whatever), my phone ear piece (which was used more while knitting than actually driving), and - now this just irritates me - my reusable grocery bags from Sur La Table! So at least I can think, hey, an environmentally friendly jackass stole from me!


Jessica said...

Oh that sucks!
Sorry. :(

Shawn and Sara said...

I second that sentiment!

Hopefully with the insurance settlement you can get an even BETTER car stereo to play your groovin' tunes (no jokin'...I'm with you on those...we are the same gals who saw BSB together)! I know there is no silver lining, but thats my attempt! -Sara

Mara said...

Meg! I am so sorry about your car...that really sucks. Thank God no knitting was stolen and the thief was thwarted by your glovebox. Good luck with the insurance.

Carrie said...

So much for "secure" garages! That's awful! I'm sorry you were victimized. Take care!