Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Inspired to start again

After seeing Carrie's beautiful Irish Hiking Scarf a few months ago, and now after learning tons about cables from Fiona Ellis in Madrona, I decided my Irish Hiking Scarf needed to ripped out and redone! I was about a little more than 1/4 of a way through it so it wasn't so heart breaking to rip out (plus I was really excited - odd I know). So far I've only gotten through one cable row but it already looks so much better! It's going to be my road trip knitting project as we head to Portland this weekend to visit some friends and watch the Superbowl! I meet a great knitter at Madrona named Barbara and she told me about some good knitting spots in town! Can't wait to get some time away from the football crazed boys to check them out!

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Sara (not logged on) said...

Sounds like a great project (glad to hear that the "restarting" wasn't too painful)! I can't wait to see it. -Sara