Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Organization in 2007

The Craft Closet before: (note how the doors won't open all of the way due to junk)

The Craft Closet after:

After buying the same kinds of yarn and needles several times for various projects because I couldn't find things, after searching high and low for various patterns, needles, stamps, bills, camera and my sanity, I finally had it. Tears were almost shed. I was tired of the chaos that was my beloved Craft Closet. I dream of the day when I'll have my own craft room for all of my favorite hobbies, a quite place for me to escape to. But for now I have the Craft Closet in the fiance's office (note: he gets his own room.) I had let things get out of hand. Not only had my stuff gotten all jumbled up, but somehow his crap had sneaked in there. So one Saturday during football playoff season when he was out with the boys, I went into the office with garbage bags and the donation box. When he came home, he found everything he owned that was in the closet was dumped into a pile on the floor (I should have taken photos but honestly, I was a woman on a mission.) I told him, here's the garage bags if you want anything of yours in that closet it must be organized and it must go on this shelf only (I can't really reach it.) You have 2 hours to make that happen or it's all going away. Then I went and sat quietly and knitted. He made two trips out with trash bags. I guess I'll keep him.

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Shawn and Sara said...

Way to organize, you rock star!!! You know how I love to do just the same. I always have a box to keep adding my donations into! Right now I have 4 all ready to head to goodwill! :) Sara