Monday, January 08, 2007

Too sick to knit

It's sad but true. This past week I've had the worst cold ever! It landed me on the couch for several days! A trip to the doctor even confirmed - yeah, you've got a really bad cold. And that's it. They couldn't give me any drugs. Nothing. So I've been sidelined, watching tv, movies, reading and knitting. However, as I approach day seven with little relief from the illness, there have been times when I feel to crappy to knit! That's when I knew the illness was serious! Hopefully, I've "peaked" with the cold as the doctor said and I'll be back on track (health and knitting wise) in no time!

P.S. Before I got really sick, and was just feeling mildly crummy, I did make great progress on baby sweater number 4! Pics to come soon!

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Shawn and Sara said...

That is NO fun! I hope you are feeling on the mend VERY soon!!! I caught one of those wonderful bugs from my first graders So I can sympathize and it is NO fun!!!!-Sara