Monday, January 29, 2007

Recovering from Madrona

This past weekend I took off for Madrona with Rebecca and Mara. We were all quite happy and giddy to be getting out of town and heading for a weekend of knitting! Mara was especially happy to go to Tacoma - on the drive down she entertained us with Tacoma fun facts about the city she used to live in. We met up with our other roommie Jessica - who came in late every night and left early each morning - she was quite the knitting superstar!

(Most of the challenge comes from reading the charts!)
The learning continued throughout the weekend! Saturday morning I took a cable and twisting class from Fiona Ellis! It was just fabulous and I learned so much! This will be just what I need as I want to challenge myself this year with knitting projects.

In the afternoon I took needle felting with Leigh Radford. She said she really liked my sample! I had to gush that one to Rebecca since she likes to brag to me that she and Leigh are BFF. Whatever. Needle felting is going to be my new obsession. I left class and headed straight to the market to purchase all of the supplies. As we speak, they are all organized and in a Rubbermaid box, complete with label and all. I am holding back some restraint as I feel I could start putting needle felted designs on pretty much anything that sits still.

(Me trying to play it cool....)
Saturday night, I tried to play it cool while meeting the Yarn Harlot for a book signing. I think I did a good job until I made Rebecca take a picture of her signing my book! She's just so funny and nice!
Sunday morning was very educational with a gauge class. I learned how to read patterns, decode the craziness that pattern designers seem to have, and hopefully how not to make something three sizes to large!
In between all of the classes, there was a lot of time for fun! We ate at some great restaurants (courtesy of Mara's trip down memory lane,) knitted with friends and walked around the Museum of Glass for some photo opps.

(I guess I should have admired the Glass Bridge, but I thought this shot was admirable!)
I came home eager to knit and try out my new found skills but I've been freakin' tired! So far all I've done is reorganize my new yarn, admire my new yarn (they pressured me into buying Socks that Rock lovely), pet my new yarn and knit 3 rows in my socks. But I still feel excited about it all!

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Shawn and Sara said...

Sounds like a great weekend was had by all! What a fun girls outing...oh yeah and the knitting too! :) As usual, I am feel quite jealous of all your knitting may just inspire me to start...well when I am done with the pressures of grad school! -Sara