Thursday, August 06, 2009

Family Fun in Nebraska City

The other weekend we traveled to Nebraska City, Nebraska for the hubby's annual family reunion. His family hails from Guide Rock, NE where his dad grew up on the family farm with his three younger brothers. They have the big reunion every two years at the Arbor Day Farm and Lied Lodge & Convention Center.

Did you know that Arbor Day originated in Nebraska City? By the Morton Salt guy? Yeah, me neither. The things you learn in Nebraska.
For example, the Arbor Day Farm and Lied Lodge was built to be an eco-friendly, sustainable resort before that was even trendy or the in-thing. The building uses no CFL's for their A/C (which is good thing because it was very hot in Nebraska in July!) There is also recycling in all rooms. Plus they use green laundry detergents and encourage guests to reuse towels and linens.

(Here's a pic of the beautiful Leid Lobby, pic from the Lied Lodge & Conference Center site)

There's plenty to do at the farm. We took the Tree Adventure tour which leads guests through the forest and provides all sorts of educational and fun information for kids and adults alike. Plus they had a fabulous art exhibit throughout the trail that incorporates art with nature.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera for this trip. However, the following pics are courtesy of Cousin Mike who had his nice new camera with him! Um, Cousin Mike, is it OK if I use your pics pretty please?

Some pics of the art exhibits:

Here we are with Cousin Mike (far left) enjoying the art exhibit. Looks like I've got the chair that's just right.

If you visit this farm and take this fabulous walk, may I suggest a visit to their Pie Garden for "The Works:" homemade apple pie from their apple orchard with vanilla ice cream and carmel sauce. It's the perfect sweet treat for fabulous place!


Holli said...

What a relaxing family reunion. I love the shot of you three on the wooden chairs -- that's cute.

Sara K. said...

Glad it was so fun!!! The chair pictures are great! Too bad there is no picture of that pie - you know how I am a sucker for sweets and pictures of sweets!! -S

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! I had no idea how green that lodge is. Impressive.

My favorite picture is of you guys in the chairs! So cool!