Monday, August 03, 2009

Go Local Challenge: Heat Wave

While I - along with most of the Pacific Northwest - was melting last week in this heat wave, a funny thing happened in the garden. It exploded! It exploded with greenery!

The tomatoes doubled in size. And the tomato plant I thought was a goner even doubled in size!

(There are some red ones peeking out of there)

The corn is finally growing.

And my squash looks like it might actually produce something too!

Plus, I harvested another two gallon size bags full of lettuce (on top of the one gallon bag from earlier in the month!)

The radishes are popping up like crazy! (Don't know why the pic is blurry. Obviously I'm so excited about the garden I can't focus!)

And I can watch my garden grow from my new favorite room!


Anonymous said...

Now you know why they grow things in Nebraska.. cause it's hot! :) Your outdoor room looks awesome, can't wait to come visit.

heather jane said...

Yahoo!!! I guess that 100 degree heat is good for something, eh?!

Love the backyard room. We spend many, many hours on our patio (when it's not 100) and we love it.

Amanda said...

I have had the same results from this horribly hot weather. I actually found myself saying today "I hope it doesn't cool off too much too soon because I am loving what it is doing for my garden." Of course, that was in the morning when it wasn't so hot. Now I am dying again! LOL :)

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Woweee!!!! It's looking great, Meg!!! I am jealous that your lettuces are doing so well -- I miss my little lettuce bowl. And our chard is getting a little bit cooked. :-(

Your patio looks absolutely divine. LOVE the furniture!!!

Holli said...

Hey - can I come over for a visit? We'll chill in the patio, admire your garden and knit together? Whaddya say?

Sara K. said...

Wow! Way to find a great big green silver lining of the heat (which is unbelievable, btw). Your garden looks amazing!! I can't wait to see it all combined into an amazing meal! The backyard room is to die for as well. Makes me a little sad about my urban high0rise life! Wish I could toast a margarita to you on that very back porch. Maybe some day, right!?!? -S

Jen said...

I love your patio. I can just picture you sitting out there relaxing with a cosmo or some other yummy drink!!!

I'm glad that not only did your garden survive the heat wave it actually thrived!!

Paige said...

Amazing what a few days of good heat will produce! We've had such a cool summer this year that I'm fearing for my tomatoes - they're still green, not a red one in sight! :(
Love that patio, btw!