Sunday, August 16, 2009

Go Local Challenge: Homemade Bread

What's better than sliced bread I ask?
How about some homemade wheat bread!

While the ingredients used aren't exactly local, instead of buying a loaf of bread this week at the store, I made two loafs myself! I used my brand new KitchenAid and it's fabulous! The recipe takes a while, but it's super easy and it's so tasty!

The hubby couldn't wait to cut of a slice and try it. I enjoyed my warm slice with some homemade raspberry jam! Quite tasty! I'll be making this recipe again!

*There would have been more pictures of this process, but I was mostly through the mixing when I remembered to grab the camera. And when I did, the battery was dead. But it charged while the bread baked! I'll have more pictures next time.


Holli said...

DROOL! Oh yum, Meg.

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

That looks so good!!!! I've been wanting to bake today, but have to get some stuff at the it's getting so late in the day, I'm not sure I want to attempt it. But dang, that looks good!!!! I love that you topped it with your jam!!! MMM.

heather jane said...

Whoo HOOO!!! I love homemade bread. Add in some homemade jam and I don't really need any other food for the day.

Sara K. said...

Seriously YUMMY!!!! And oh-how-the-smell makes the whole house such a wonderful place for a nose to be! -S