Monday, January 18, 2010

A take on the Market Tote

I found some time in the sewing room today and after sifting through patterns and fabric I finally found a project that I could whip up in the afternoon. Sort of.

I made a modified version of Amy Butler's Market Tote*. I didn't have any home decorator fabric, but I had plenty of lovely cotton fabric so I pulled out some for the exterior and the lining. I also added a pocket with a little trim just because. I also didn't have enough fabric for the really long handles to run the length of the bag so I modified those as well. In my book, as long as handles can swing over your shoulder without cutting into your armpit, they'll work.

I think I'll make this pattern again and try the home decorator fabric to see what it's like. It's a good sized bag and I do love the shaping at the bottom of the bag which makes it deep and wide. I think this will be my new knitting bag for a while!

*I find it slightly ironic and funny that I've declared 2010 the year of clearing the clutter - especially my bag obsession. And what do I go and make for my first sewing project of the year? Yeah, a bag. Guess I need to take another bag to Goodwill or consignment!


Holli said...

Love it, Meg!

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

I just made a bag, too! But it's not as pretty as yours. Mine's made out of an old t-shirt. Functional, but not pretty. You did a fabulous job! Love all the alterations!

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Sara K. said...

Megsy Darling! I am ever impressed. I heart the bag! Sorry I have been MIA this week - report cards were due. I have been in the world of grading and commenting and giving my little ten-year-olds 'last chance' chances! Perhaps we can talk to this week/weekend. I promise to email....I am trying to get caught up in the cyber world. Pike Schemes has been much neglected!

LeAnne said...

Where did you find the Made by Meg tags? I think I'd like to order some (of course, with my own name on them!)