Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nothing says I love you like handknit socks

The first sock for the Hubby took me nearly a year to knit. I was bored with it. There were lots of other knitting projects that kept pushing these socks to the bottom of the knitting bag. But then, I decided, enough was enough. I was tired of always looking at them. I wanted them done. So I set a deadline and then knit like a mad woman on a mission. A mission for handknit socks for Valentine's Day. And it worked.

Pattern: Simple Socks by Cat Bordi
Yarn: I started these things so freakin' long ago I don't remember.

I've been working on these socks for so long that the first one actually went to France with me last March. Here it is at the beach in Nice. I'm happy to report I wasn't the only woman knitting at the beach that day. Just more proof that I could easily live in France.

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Sara K. said...

You got them done!!! Yay you! They look fantastic!!!