Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sucked in

I have a confession. I’ve recently started reading the Twilight series. And while they aren’t works of literary genius, they are quite addicting. I don’t remember the last time I blew through 500 plus pages in a weekend.
(This picture is completly and totally ripped off from Sara's site & her Twlight entry)

I will say this: my inner 15 year-old-girl is so loving it! While she can’t decide if she’s on Team Jacob or Team Edward (it flips pretty much with each chapter), one thing is for sure, neither of them are quite like Gilbert*. And my inner 15 year-old-girl will always be on Team Gilbert.

(*You get bonus points if you know what I’m referring too. That is anyone, except Sara!)


Sara K. said...

I am dying! I knew you would chomp up these books once you got started on them. People, like us, who have well-developed inner teenagers, who we indulge on occasion, really enjoy these books. Now, of course, if you let your literary agent self read these books...it will not be good! Let your inner teenager fly and have a fun time reading and enjoying the books. I am decidedly Team Edward - but only when it comes to these books. I agree with being on Team Gilbert...but I am also Team Fitzwilliam!

On a side note: Shawn said to me this AM (I have a snow day and he is working from home), have you seen Meg's latest post? You are going to love it!!!! He keeps you in his reader too!

Meg said...

Thanks Sara! I thought you'd appreciate this post! I also love that Shawn is a regular reader of the Knitting Knot!