Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Garden discoveries

A funny thing has happened in the garden. You see, this bright orb has made an appearance here in the Pacific Northwest and with that my garden exploded! It's as if the plants are afraid the sun is going to disappear so they are sucking up all the warmth they can while it lasts.

Our first artichoke has shown up.

I am in love with my snap peas. And they are quite tasty!'s all big and pretty! Even the marigolds are thriving!


Jen said...

Artichokes!!! I have been craving them lately. I have had them with dinner twice in the last few weeks, but dang they are spendy at the grocery store.

Shannon said...

Yay! Makes me miss gardening, so so much. :-(

(P.S. -- Thanks for the phone call the other day...was getting ready for my OB appointment so I couldn't pick up, but I miss you too!!!)

Heather Jane said...

I've never grown artichokes, but I think it's on the list for next year!
Nice work in the garden!!!!

Sara K. said...

I love the artichokes! They looks so lovely. And tasty, too!