Friday, July 02, 2010

The sweater conundrum

I have been really wanting to knit a sweater lately. A big girl sweater for myself. I've never done that before. In all my years of knitting, it just hasn't happened. It's such a big undertaking. It seems so permanent.

But I've recently cast those fears aside and cast on for not one, but two sweaters. The Vine and Trellis sweater from Interview and the Minimalist Cardigan. They were pretty and lovely and like all young crushes, started out so innocently.

However, once the butterflies in the stomach settled, the excitement each time I picked up the projects. The love stopped. Literally. And in one case was slightly painful.

The Vine and Trellis was challenging. It was a lace and cable pattern. But I got a little confused and it got a little messed up. Then the project needed a little space of it's own. And well, you know how that goes. While the project was in time out it seemed to have gotten even more messed up. Unable to get back on track, I ripped it out.

Then there was the Minimalist Cardigan. I love the simplicity of the project - it's the in freakin' name. The project was all seed stitch. That stitch, combined with the worsted wool yarn actually made my hands hurt. Really hurt. So out that project came as well.

Now I've got plenty of sweater yarn, the desire to make a sweater. So I just need a little push. Got any sweater suggestions for me? Perhaps some advice? I've got a summer of great knitting time planned. I just need a project  or two. Or four.


Heather Jane said...

You can do this, Meg! Try the garter yoke cardigan (and check your gauge before you knit the yoke!). It's easy and calls for worsted weight yarn. If you have smaller yarn I think the Feb Lady will be my next investment. I really love the owl sweater but I have only knit that in little people size.

I'm a cardigan girl. Many times I've wanted to wear my first sweater and wished it was a cardigan instead of a pullover.

Sara K. said...

Keep it up Megs! I am sure that there is sweater love out there for you!

PICAdrienne said...

Some sort of top down, makes it easier to try on as you go. I have made both the February Lady sweater and Mr. Greenjeans. They get plenty of wear.

Jessica said...

You've got a lot of simple sweaters in your Rav queue. The Tea Leaves Cardigan, Traverse Cardigan, Featherweight, Wicked and Gemma are all easy knits and completely doable.

Holli said...

Don't give up Meg, you will find the perfect sweater for you. Having just knit the Essential Cardigan, I recommend it -- similar to the minimalist, but st st with a broken rib band. I really like mine - it was simple to knit and produced a classic and functional FO.

Mara said...

Call me! I'll help you pick something out. Look I'm reading your blog!

Shannon said...

I think you should listen to the lovely ladies who have posted above. Seeing as how I am too chicken to do a big girl sweater (well, there is that tank top I started years ago and have yet to bind together) I have no advice to offer.

But I think you'll find the right project if you just keep at it!