Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer baking

For some reason, when the temperatures heat up outside - and inside my un-air conditioned kitchen - I seem to feel the need to bake. Because 83 degrees inside isn't hot enough, I break out my bread pans, muffing tins and cooking sheets. Why you ask? I blame the summer fruit. Fresh picked blueberries from the farmers market seem to want to become warm, gooey blueberry muffins.

And who am I to stand in their way?

Although, I think next time I may try to make Popsicles. There would be less sweating involved in those.


Shannon said...

Mmmm....those look so good! I was thinking about baking muffins today too, although I didn't have those yummy blueberries to throw in! Divine!

IdahoGirls said...

That is a little crazy. I am completely opposite - I hardly bake a thing in the summer and tend to have the urge to bake in the winter. Who am I kidding I barely bake in the winter either!!! Your treats look very tasty - maybe I should hire you to be my cook/gardner someday when I win the lottery whatcha ya think???

Sara K. said...

Yums!!! But crazy yums! Summer Sara likes to bake a bit too! No AC does make it a little crazy to do the baking!!!!