Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011: A clean slate

As I sit here to reflect on 2010, I honestly don't know what to say. What I want to say would most likely get my blog flagged as highly inappropriate for language beacuse I sometimes have the mouth of a sailor to say the least.

It started out as all years do: full of promise and hope. And for a while there it lived up to it's expectations with fun trips to the Washington coast, a girls trip to Vegas with dear friends (note I'm not using the term "old friends"), Emmy excitement for work and my first trip to Yellowstone.

But then towards the end it took a turn for the worse with heartbreaking loss, a broken bone and a new metal plate that will most likely always plague me and the TSA. And when I look back at this year, no matter what, that's all I be able to see.

As for 2011, I'm back to thinking its going to be full of promise and hope. Because I need it to be that. Because I want it to be that. And because, damn it, I fucking deserve it.

To those of your who've been there for me this year, I'll always be greatful & never forget it.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2011 to you and yours!



IdahoGirls said...


I know this has not been a very great year for you at all. I can tell you this I have had years like yours (2008 will never be remembered as a good year for me) but I promise you this having a year like what you just went through will make you stronger and it will also help you appreciate all of life's blessings that are still to come for you. Lastly, I promise to pray throughout this coming year for you and i look forward to the fun we will get to have in 2011 together as well! Bring on the BSB and NKOTB concert!!!!! Love you, April

Amy said...

I'm giving you a virtual hug right now! Best wishes for a WONDERFUL new year. Hope to see you at Purlygirls soon.

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

Dearest Meg. What happened to you this year is heartbreaking. Most people would never get out of bed after what happened to you! But one thing that continues to amaze me about you, is your incredible strength and resolve. Really. I have always admired your ability to pick yourself up and move forward. And if nothing else, this year has been the ultimate test of your resilience.

I agree with April. There are many more blessings to come for you. That I know for sure. Love you!

Sara K. said...

Here's to our year, Megs! Everyone else can just screw it!!!

I echo the remarks above and would add that I'm also impressed that your sense of humor has also remained intact. It one of the things that this dear friend appreciates about our quite long friendship, we can always laugh. Even when life sucks - we find a way to laugh!I send my love!