Saturday, January 22, 2011

West Seattle Fabric Company: A midweek treat

The other day I had a slightly (OK very) painful PT session. The hubby and I decided drinks & hamburgers were needed to recover. So he drove us to a place he likes to go for a good burger and great fries. It happens to be located just down the block from the new West Seattle Fabric Company. I jumped out of the car and squealed with delight (well, it was some sort of noise of joy) at the chance to finally check this place out. It opened in December while I was recovering from wrist surgery so I missed visiting it earlier.

 I met Monica, the owner and fabric enthusiast. She's a delight and super friendly and helpful. She didn't mind my mindless wandering. While we both admitted to not being the best seamstresses out there (smart money says she's waaaay better than me) we do share a love of all things fabric. Especially the pretty ones! And as you can see, she's got quite the selection!

Feeling I needed a little pick me up after PT, I decided on a book since I'm not sewing these days. She recommended One Yard Wonders and while I've only flipped through it (several times), I can tell this is going to be really great to use. And this adorable little shop is going to be just the place to pick up my supplies and take some classes. And it's in my hood. I can walk to this place. Yeah, I'm kinda screwed but in a good, crafty kind of way.

Oh, and the burgers, in case you're looking for a place with fabulous burgers and fries that are too die for, check out the Admiral Pub. I mean you'll be in the hood and hungry after all that fabric shopping at the West Seattle Fabric Company.

2210 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116

(Sorry for the not so great pics. They really don't do the store justice. With the broken wrist I can't hold my nice fancy camera that I bought myself for my birthday in July.)


Sara K. said...

That sounds like the perfect PT recovery sort of spot. I love a goof Ace cider and I have never turned down a burger and fries!!! The shop is darling. Can't wait to go there with you this summer and check out the wares - and YES THAT MEANS I AM COMING!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Heather Jane said...

What a lucky duck. Looks like I'll need to come visit some day. You have good all around you!

(sorry bout the painful PT, though)

Heather Jane said...

p.s. I have that book and I love it. Remember the little fabric doll house I made for Amelia last year on her b-day? That book has the pattern. I've also made 3 good day hats and they are really cute. hmmm...what else? I think I've made a few other things, but I can't remember right now. Anyway, it's a good book. Many of the projects can be found in some form or another on line, but I've decided I like having books to look at. Searching for patterns on line can be such a time suck. I enjoy being able to find something fun to make without turning on the computer sometimes.

Shannon @ AnchorMommy said...

After you described your shop visit and the book, I went and got the book at the library and I love it to! I think I may have to buy it for myself...