Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A call for creativity

My broken wrist has sidelined my craftiness for way too long now. I start PT tomorrow, and while I know it's going to be a long and painful (hopefully not too painful) road back to normalcy, I'm ready to start knitting, baking, taking pictures and sewing again.

To help get me inspired, I've been getting back on the computer and getting caught up on my blog reading. I'm looking for inspiration. I'm looking for ideas. And I'm hoping you'll help.

If you've got a few favorite blogs that you like, whether they're for knitting, sewing, baking, underwater basket weaving, I'd love to check it out.

I'll get the process started by sharing two of my favorite blogs. These uber talented women are both super crafty in sewing, knitting, gardening and baking. I enjoy seeing what they're working on, reading about their process and of course checking out the finished item:

Heather at Living Senses

Enjoy! And I hope your creative juices are flowing in the new year!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Meg!

Holli said...

Meg -- how nice of you! Thanks!

Here are a few cooking, knitting, generally loving blogs I follow that you might like:



Cat said...

I will have to check out the above blogs, and here's two that I like:


Hope your PT goes well... Back to crafting soon!


Jen said...

Two of my favorite bloggers!!!

MadeByMeaghan said...

Hey another Seattle Meg! :) I broke my wrist a year ago and I feel your pain. Nothing is better than returning to normalcy - sewing, using a can opener, fastening your own bra, etc.! Here's a blog you might like - http://www.oneflewover-oneflewover.com/
Good luck with PT - it makes all the difference!

Sara K. said...

I love these blogs for inspiration:
Cup of Jo
Black Eiffel
Design Sponge
Martha Writes
I'm less crafty than most - but really like the inspiration that these give me!