Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Embracing the crock

The crock pot that is.

Being a full time working mama, I'm always looking for things that make my life easier (and really who isn't!)

I adore grocery delivery services (thank you Amazon Fresh!)

I'm all about running errands on my lunch break (when I can).

And I really need to be better about using my crock pot. I love the idea of coming home from a busy work day and smelling something warm and delicious wafting through the house, like my personal cook was busy there all day long. But I haven't tried too many crock pot recipes aside from the standard pot roast.

But this past weekend was different. In the mail I received my supplemental EveryDay Food magazine (I'm still so sad that magazine no longer exists!), but I was thrilled when they published a small version of it this month. I immediately flipped through it folding down pages like crazy. Then I stumbled onto this gem: Italian braised pork. Cooked in the slow cooker. Yes please!

I made it first thing Sunday morning while the wee one entertained herself as my sous chef with some plastic measuring cups, a wooden spoon and basically anything I could hand her that gave me 10 minutes to chop, saute and dump into the crock pot. I made this over quinoa and it was a hit with my family! We had the left overs last night and it tasted even better the next day.

I would have posted pictures but I was working on borrowed time to get it prepped. And it was so tasty it was gobbled up too fast for a photo once it was done.

This recipe is a keeper! I highly recommend it! Once again, thank you Everyday Food & Martha Stewart for another fabulous recipe!


KikiRiki said...

That looks fantastic. I'm going to add this to the list of recipes Mr House can make for me :)

Sara K. said...

Megs - I love the recipes on Once a Month Mom. Not only do they have crockpot recipes, but they have a variety of menus. When I first started following the blog, there was no fee. Now there is, but its pretty reasonable. They even have baby/toddler food recipes. A year of slow cooking blog or http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ has free recipes that have been tried and reviewed. This blog led to a book, so it must be pretty good...