Thursday, March 14, 2013

A little "eye" obsessed

A while ago I started teach Ruby about body parts. 

We started with "Where's your nose?" and quickly moved on to "Show mama your toes."

She got pretty good at it. She can tell you where her head is. Her ear. Her tummy and of course belly button. She'll show you her teeth and pucker up her lips when you ask her. She knows her knees and she did look at me funny yesterday when I started explaining where her elbow was.

But, boy is this girl ever good at finding her eye.

Perhaps it's because we pay more attention to her eye than pretty much any body part in the house. And she knows it too.

She'll just look at me now and point to her eye and say "Eye!" She has no problem walking up to you and sticking her finger in your eye (when one is at her level) and letting you know that's your eye.

She points out eyes on all of her dolls and her teddy bear. The other night, as I read her a book, every time I turned a page we had to stop and point out all of the eyes on the little duck and little goose as they went on their merry way to find a pumpkin. (It's a holiday book but she loves it so much we keep it out all the time.)

The thing that gets me about this is, she only points to her right eye. The bad eye. The eye I'm always fussing over. 

Is the contact still in her eye? Is it actually over the pupil so we can patch? I now have eye patches in easily accesible places on both floors of the house so I can just grab one (or 5) and start the fun once we've looked at the eye.

I wonder if she knows she has two eyes since only one really works and we're always fussing over the other?

Now, if I can only teach her to say, "Mama, my contact has popped out of my eye. We must stop what we're doing right now and look for it."

For the record, when we took our baby sign language class I did ask the instructor to teach me to sign contact and she looked at me like I was nuts. I was the first parent in her 15+ years of teaching baby sign language that had asked that question. Come to think of it, she never really taught me the sign for "where's your contact?"


Amanda said...

There is definitely an aspect to this journey that is "Eye" obsessive. Watching it play out in the mind of our innocent children can be heart wrenching and heart warming all at the same time. And as isolating as this unique experience can feel sometimes, you are not alone... Just wanted to share with you, many of us imoms are also on Instagram. A free download app for smartphones, etc. If you have the technology and want a little more cyber support in an "instant" find me there as "eyemom." :)

Meg said...

Thanks Amanda! I really appreciate your comments! I'll have to look you up on Instagram!