Saturday, March 09, 2013

Luscious Lemons

My in-laws recently came for a visit shortly have their trip to Southern Arizona (ah...the retired life). They brought us a big bag of fresh citrus from their families backyard! Knowing how much I love oranges, they thought it would be a fun treat for me! (Notice how there aren't any pics of said oranges? Yeah...that's because I scarfed those bad boys down so freakin' quickly. Seriously. Love. Oranges.)

But now, I've got these great big lemons that are beautiful to look at and smell even better.

So what should I do with them? 

Cutting them up and putting slices in my water seems like such a waste.

I feel these beauties are destined for something so much better.

Ideas? I'm ready.



Sara K. said...

I don't have any great ideas, but I think they look lovely. I wish my computer could release scents, they look like they smell good.

d-made said...

Oh! Probably too late, but put the peels in a bottle of vodka and refrigerate. After a month or two, serve with equal parts simple syrup. YUM! Limoncello.