Monday, August 27, 2007

Experiments in front load felting and needle felting

I whipped up these little accessory bags from One Skein Wonders with some left over yarn I had in the stash. I wanted to see how my front loading washer felted. It took only two rounds before they were the perfect size! The next experiment: needle felting! I can't wait to get started on this new little project! I have a feeling it could be my next knitting type of obsession! Stay tuned for results!


Sara K. said...

Fun...but it begs this Vandal to ask...why THOSE colors? Perhaps they are less lovely than black and gold, thus are in your left-overs pile! Hee hee!!

I am looking forward to seeing your felting projects! They are always so interesting! -S

Baby Isha said...

I was actually going to commend you on your wonderful color choice. Here is the funny thing. In Idaho I love the blue and orange, but here in Virginia I hate the blue and orange. As you probably know since you lived in Virginia, blue and orange are UVA colors Jai and I are Virgnina Tech fans so here it is all about the maroon and orange.

I am excited to see a finished product with the needle felting. What is that?

Meg said...

When I posted this picture, I knew I was going to get comments from you two! I didn't plan it for "those" colors. I do like this deep orange yarn and the blue is more of a darker blue than BSU blue, the picture does look a little bad. I'll knit something with Idaho colors soon!