Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New books! New yarn! Oh my!

A couple of gift certificates from my birthday put me in a shopping mood! I hit a book store and Hilltop Yarns (thanks Aunt Julie!) and am now loaded up with fun new reads and projects! I bought Classic Knits by Erika Knight. Thanks to Rebecca's suggestion, I'm going to make the tank top for myself using this beautiful purple yarn from Rowan. I'm very excited about this project because I've always wanted to knit something from the big and chunky line and because it'll knit up quickly!
Then I finally got a copy of Natural Knits for Babies and Moms (the answer to whatever is running through you mind Sara/April/Jen is no.)! However with all of my friends having babies, it's always good to keep a book like this around. After Katie's "trunk show" of the book, I had to have it! I also bought the yarn to whip up a cute little hat (the yarn was on sale!). But before I start any of these projects, I need to make some serious progress on Henry's sweater!


Sara K. said...

Can I say, rats!?! Hee hee! But oh how nice it would be for you to sit and knit a cute little Mommy and Me outfit for your self!!! Oh how well you know the three of us!

I LOVE the sweater vest picture and chosen yarn (that seems to be one of the looks for fall - a lot of the new sassy teachers in the district were wearing those at our opening week meetings).

I love the color of Henry's sweater. -S

You will be glad to know that I have decided to take some kitting classes after this semester. Something fun to fill my "after working like crazy and now I am just part time" switch in December.

Meg said...

I LOVE the fact that I may have converted another non-knitter the fabulous fiber way!