Thursday, October 04, 2007

Airline and knitting woes

It's another weekend of traveling for me. This weekend's destination: Boise, Idaho. I opted to start my weekend early with a Thursday evening flight to Boise. With three knitting projects in my carry on, I was ready for anything. Well, I tried anyway. Here's how my weekend started:

The hubby drops me off at the airport and takes off - with my wallet still in the front seat of the car. Long story short on this one - I was driving when we pulled out of the parking garage downtown, paid the attendant, then tossed my wallet to him as I pulled out through 4 lanes of traffic to hop on the I-5. He was quick to return it and I whipped through security with an hour to kill before boarding.

I hit the bar for a little cocktail and knitting before boarding. Happily drinking my gin and tonic and knitting away when it's time to switch to the bigger needles. No bigger needles. Here's what the patrons (who, incidentally were all men watching Sports Center saw):
Me: Jumping out of my bar stool and proceed to empty the entire contents of my knitting bag onto the bar (while swearing under my breath and now downing the rest of my drink). No needles. They weren't in the two other little baggies of projects either. No problem. I gather my stuff, pay my bill and head to the gate to finish my wait and work on project number 2: my new vest. (Incidentally, I was hoping to finish a baby's hat for a gift for a friend I'm having lunch with on Friday. Not happening now).

I'm now sitting happily knitting with project number 2. I've got 6 1/2 beautiful inches of ribbing when it's time to switch to the bigger needles. New problem. I've started the project on the bigger needles. Deep breath. As I begin to rip out, they announce there is a "mechanical problem" with my plane and their looking into it. A 20 minute delay. OK, now I have time to cast on. Silver lining here. In the process of the ripping out and casting on (and one slight mistake and rip back) they announce 3 more times my flight is delayed. Finally, I'm only 3 rows into the ribbing when I've made another mistake. Only this time, I can't for the life of me figure out where the hell I've messed up. Another delay - for me and the knitting. The solution? Throw the crap into my bag and I stormed off to the book store where I bought 1 entertainment magazine, 1 fashion magazine, 1 bag of Chex mix and 2 things of chocolate. I came out of the store and got a text from the hubby. One of my star players on my fantasy football team tested positive for pot and was being pulled. Must drop him pronto. Fabulous.

Three hours later, I'm finally in Boise. Wide awake after my sugar-high-mindless-gossip-mag-very-bumpy-plane ride to Boise.

I'll be hitting my favorite Boise knitting shop first thing to get all the needles I thought I had and to start over. Here's to a new knitting day, tomorrow.


Baby Isha said...

Isn't flying a blast. I'm sorry you had such a bad day, but I am glad you made it home safely. Enjoy your visit and at least you will have all the right needles for the trip home!

amanda said...

awww... sorry to hear about your knitting woes. but luckily you're in boise, not someplace too out of the way so you should be able to get your needles today. have a fun trip :)

Sara K. said...

Megs-You are such a great writer that I just giggled when I read this post. I KNOW it was NOT funny in the moment and I am so sorry to hear about the pain-in-the-neck your trip to Les Bois started with, but you added a great twist with this post! The clincher for me was the commentary about the fantasy football player! Oh dear! I hope the trip was better than the travels! -S