Monday, October 01, 2007

Memory Lane and FO's

The road trip last weekend to Moscow, Idaho was a great nostalgic get-a-way - plus I had lots of time on the road to knit! As usual, the University of Idaho campus was fun and beautiful, even if the football game was a little painful to watch.

The arboretum in the early stages of fall.

Vandals trying to make a stand against Hawaii. One of these'll be our year...again. Sigh...

And I was able to finish the mittens from Weekend Knitting for a b-day gift for a dear friend! I used Manos and they knit up so quickly! A great, fun, easy project!

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Sara K. said...

Moscow in the fall really is divine! Oh the memories of walking around those rolling hills! Sorry that the score wasn't so beautiful. That is how you know that Vandal fans are true fans...we stick through the thick and the thin (even if the this tends to reign). Nice mittens! :) -S