Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Knitting Weekend

I have four days off (including Saturday and Sunday) and I'm not leaving town and no one is coming to visit - and I couldn't be happier! What will I be doing? Whatever I want! And what I want to do is some serious knitting! Here's my plan:

1) finish front side of vest
2) seam vest (maybe)
3) finish sock
4) rip out and start over for Kellan's hat (needs to be done for Thanksgiving trip)
5) start strawberry hat for coworkers baby (this will most likely be my Boise travel knitting project for Thanksgiving since I can't work on Matt's other sock while I'm traveling with him)
6) start Foliage hat
7) think/plan/possibly buy stuff for the two Christmas gifts (the ONLY knitted gifts this year)
8) figure out my classes for Madrona

Thank goodness I have four days off and the newly released season three of Veronica Mars on DVDs to help me accomplish all of this!


Baby Isha said...

Sounds like a good weekend!

Sara K. said...

Very fun! Knitting and the fabulous Veronica. Really, what could be better, right! Did you see this blog listed on blogger - go check it out - especially since you added a "to do list" to this post:

IdahoGirls said...

Sounds pretty relaxing even though I don't knit and have never seen the show you are talking about - enjoy!!