Saturday, November 03, 2007

What I learned at work this week

This week, I had the opportunity to produce coverage on the U.S. Conference of Mayor Climate Protection Summit. I heard speeches from Former V.P. Al Gore (via satellite), Former Pres. Bill Clinton and NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Their messages were all very inspiring and very educational. They spoke of the importance of getting big businesses on board so they can make "being green" more affordable to everyone. It does all come one simple fact: we all can make a difference. Just by changing our light bulbs, it does help. I've been a skeptic before. But after hearing it from these three men, and at least a dozen others over the past two, busy, busy days. I'm ready to make the changes in my home.

* On a funny little note, my station was the station in charge of filming all the footage of the Clinton speech for all the other t.v. stations. After the speech, we loaded up our gear (and there was a lot of it) to carry it out the back way we came in. But the Secret Services said otherwise. Clinton was still in the building and we had to go out the front and walk around the building - gear and all. So we did. And as we exited the front of the building, I said, "Oh my God, it's Bill Clinton," and there he was. Just walking down the street (of course he was surrounded by at least a dozen of Seattle's finest). So we all crossed the street together. It was kind of funny because all of our camera gear was packed up and we just walked down the street with him. I was just happy I didn't swear in front of the former prez and say something like "Holy S***, it's Bill Clinton" because that's what I was really thinking.


marti said...

I think that I would be thinking the exact same thing!

Baby Isha said...

Good job for going green!!! I am glad you didn't swear in front of Bill, but I am sure he hears all kinds of things come out of peoples mouths!

Sara K. said...

OMG!!! Bill Clinton and Environmental discussions...could it be a better week? How cool! :) -S