Monday, November 12, 2007

Look what I got at knitting!

A big thanks goes out to Jessica for letting me borrow her other sewing machine! I'm really excited to learn more about sewing! Now I can finish my pj pants from my sewing class and embark on yet another expensive fiber hobby that requires one to have lots of fun supplies on hand! And speaking of supplies, Erin showed up at knitting tonight with a garbage bag full of fabric she didn't want anymore! Of course, it's all going to several good homes as we all wasted no time helping her get rid of her stash while adding to ours!

And in other knitting was registration day for the Madrona Retreat! It was a little iffy this morning as they experienced big technical difficulties, many classes were listed as full that weren't and they finally suspended all registration. It opened back up again later today, which was great! I wasn't able to get into any of my classes that I wanted on Saturday, but with the second go-round I got into the two classes I wanted! It's going to be great trip! Here's what I'm taking:

Basics of Lace Knitting from the fabulously talented Evelyn Clark on Sat. morning

(No class Sat afternoon, leaving me plenty of time to sit and knit with everyone)

Knitting in All Directions: Non-Traditional Construction Techniques from Margaret Radcliffe on Sunday morning

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Sara K. said...

Nice! On all accounts! New fabric, a sewing machine and the classes you wanted. How super! -S