Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finally casting on for me!

There is nothing more annoying than casting on only to realize your needles aren't long enough. Granted, this could have been prevented if one had paid better attention to the pattern, but I digress. After casting on, ripping out, complaining and frantically going through all of my other needles, I finally went out and bought the right pair. I'm now ready to cast on for the Pippa Purse from Rowan.
I also bought the winter/spring issue of knitscene. I'm pretty sure it's geared toward the "younger 20 something" knitters, but I don't care. It has some really cute and simple sweater patterns like this one.


Sara K. said...

LOVE the bag! Can't wait to see this one come off the needles! Megs - YOU ROCK!!!! :) -S

weebug said...

i think that the sweater will look lovely on you!