Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We rang in 2008 with good friends, good food and a good laugh. Of course, it was at the expense of the Space Needle fireworks that had a "computer glitch" and didn't go off as planned but amused us greatly!

2007 was a good year (I did get married), but it was also a good year knitting wise. I've decided 2008 will be the year of knitted goodies for me! Selfish I know, but I'm quite excited about it. I've already got a list of things I'm dying to knit:
  • Clapotis
  • A sweater (am thinking the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts but am open for other ideas)
  • This fabulous felted purse I bought the stuff for long ago
  • And several items from my new book Knitting Little Luxuries

These items are not in any particular order and I'm sure - I mean, I know - that my list will grow but it's a good starting point for '08!

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Sara K. said...

Happy new year to you!!! May 2008 be filled with many happy knitting projects and other fun! :) -S