Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A little sewing time

I pulled out my new sewing machine on my day off and decided to practice on a small project I've had for a while. These are ribbon tea towels. Just a simple project that involves hemming linen fabric and adding a ribbon trim. It was a good learning experience. I learned that I need to improve sewing corners, sewing in a straight line and perhaps not wearing a black fleece pullover while working with white linen fabric and white thread. It's the little things like that they don't teach in sewing classes.

It's official - we're never eating on the dining room table again!

As my fabric interest grows (if you listen closely you can hear my mom utter a little cheer while reading this I'm sure), I was very happy to find this adorable Olivia fabric! I love the Olivia books and if you haven't read them, put them on your library hold list now! I see p.j. pants out of these in the near future!


Baby Isha said...

Cute towels.

Sara K. said...

SOOOO cute! And Olivia PJ pants - to die for! I love it! -S