Saturday, January 12, 2008

My new obsession

While I played with my sewing machine, my friend June played with my new camera.

My mother gave me her old sewing machine and I'm so excited to have it! I pulled out my pajama pants that I started at a class this past fall. I finished them and tried them on. They are a bit big, but it was a learning project (and they are pj pants) so I can live with them. Plus, each time I look at the fabric I chuckle. Fish, with cute names!!?? Seriously, how can that not make you giggle?

In case you can't read the fine print, their names are Goldie, Swimmy, Spooky, Helen and Bjorn.

But I am excited to enter into this new phase of my crafting/creative obsession. Although, in all honestly, I did enjoy sewing as a kid. I used to make Barbie and Cabbage Patch clothes for my sister and I on this very same sewing machine. But then I hit my teens and I guess that just wasn't cool anymore. Or something. I'm not really sure why I stopped sewing, but I'm excited to get back into it!


Sara K. said...

You look like a pro behind that machine!! Nice!! I LOVE the PJ pants!!! They are stinkin' cute. And the fact that you made them cool! -S

Elinor said...

Oh, those are so cute! They look great!