Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time to carbo load!

The body marking is on. The bikes are racked. And the homemade spaghetti sauce is cooking on the stove (despite the 90 degree heat!)! The best part about this years Danskin Tri? Is this:

Mara, Darcy and I are all in the same bike section and our transition areas are right next to each other! In fact, they are in the same race heat and start 3 minutes after I hit the water! We all have been working really hard this summer and I'm proud of all of us! Stay tuned for tomorrow's race result posting. My goal for my third tri was 1 hour 45 minutes - that's 15 minutes off of last years time. Although now I'm thinking it's more of a guideline and if I'm under 2 hours, I'll be happy!

Yeah, that's a lot of bikes. And once again, I am in the freakin' last bike rack of 5,000 racers! I have to run past all of these bikes after my swim just to get to my bike and transition area!!! Oh well.


Shannon said...

Good luck Meg!!!

Baby Isha said...

Good luck. I can't wait to see how you did.

amanda said...

hope the race went well!!!