Saturday, August 02, 2008

Eat Local Challenge: Week Two

Another week, another trip to the Phinney Ridge Farmers Market. This week I kind of made up dinner based on a recipe I pulled off the Internet a while ago. It's for roasted veggie wraps. But there are no locally made wraps around here that I'm aware of so I had to improvise. Instead, I roasted the veggies (zucchini, potatoes, onions) for a sandwich. I bought foccia bread, locally made chevre with Herbs de Provence, veggies and created a lovely sandwich. I roasted the veggies, then toasted the bread, veggies and cheese. It was quite yummy, however, the hubby took one look at it and wondered where the meat was. But in the end, he cleaned his plate.

I also bought more raspberries and blueberries. The blueberries are set to become muffins this weekend while the raspberries are perfect for snacking. However, if they are still around next week, they'll become jam!


Shannon said...

Dang, those are good lookin' berries. Yum.

I'm also very impressed with your improvisation. (I'm also impressed with myself for using three words in one sentence starting with"im".)

Sure wish I was hanging around your kitchen today! That sandwich you made is my kind of eats! ;-)

Baby Isha said...

Jai and Matt would get along great. Jai is always skeptical when there is no meat on his dinner plate!

Looks yummy!

dawn said...

It must be a man thing. My hubby thinks I'm crazy if I don't offer him meat.

Sara K. said...

Looks so yummy! Great improvising! And those berries look divine! -S

Jessica said...

Oh berry muffins! Yummm! I just love blueberry and raspberry jam as well. Nothing reminds me of summer than a slice of bread with jam!