Saturday, August 02, 2008

Why sock knitting is like that bad Junior High crush

Admit it. Most of us had them. You know, those Junior High crushes on the boy that didn't even know your name. You didn't pay attention in math because you were too busy day dreaming about how you two would go to the dance together and live happily ever after. Or maybe you didn't pay attention because when your notes should have been about some mathematic equation, you were too busy writing his last name after your first name. Deny it if you like, but we had them. No matter how much you wanted him to like you (or for that matter, even know your name), it just wasn't in the cards. That's kind of how I feel about sock knitting. I want to love it. I want it to love me back. But I don't feel that way right now. And I haven't felt that way in a long time (remember the Toe Jazz socks? Yeah, me neither.)

But like any good Junior High student, I'll keep at my studies and try to focus. I'll keep working on the socks with the hopes that one day, the crush will be fulfilled.


Holli said...

Gosh, really? I've never attempted socks...have always wanted to, but have been busy with other projects. Keep us posted...and keep plugging away.

Shannon said...

I feel your pain. Some projects sound like such a good idea at the time, don't they? But have are a fabulous knitter. And you do have the right to not love knitting during certain times and/or projects!

Sara K. said...

Remember playing MASH with all those crushes' names? Hoping the sock looks up from self-absorption and sees how lovely you are! -S