Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I'd share some of the things I'm doing - or soon hope to do - to help Mother Earth. Plus they say if you share your goals, you're more likely to make them happen.
  • Continue riding the bus to work and drive only a few times a month when needed (plus parking in Seattle really adds up!)
  • Eliminate the use of paper towels in my house. We already use cloth napkins, but the hubby really likes paper towels.
  • Start using homemade cleaners. Any one have any good recipes?
  • Grow more veggies this year.
  • Start making my own bread.
  • Buy things with less packaging.

These are a good start I think, but I can't wait to add more to my list!


Holli said...

This is a cool post, Meg. I LOVE you idea about reducing paper towel use in your home. I'm 100% with you on this, but can't seem to convince Joe (who is addicted to them). Please let me know what methods you implement to get this off the ground -- I need some good ideas/inspirations.

PS keep up the good work with your reusable water bottles -- keeping plastics OUT of landfills is extremely important (not to mention the health benefits to not drinking from plastics).

Shannon said...

I love it! Great goals. I want to adopt a few of those myself.

We just made a compost bin this weekend out of materials we already had laying around! Have yet to start using it, but we'll get there...maybe this weekend. I still want to get one of those kitchen compost recepticles that can cut down on odors. Or at least something with a tight-fitting lid that can't let the aroma escape.

Oh, and have I told you about our garden plans? I'll have to fill you in over the phone or something...

Sara K. said...

Great post! Did you see the Real Simple with the simple cleaning products (lemon, baking soda, etc.)? I think it was last month's issue. Might be some good stuff in there. We are a Mrs. Meyer's home. We order directly from them and get some decent savings deals via their email connection. I send a hug my green friend! -S