Thursday, April 16, 2009

The reason for radio silence

Life is a little crazy around here and there is a very good reason for it. I'm in the final throws of organizing a big charity auction for a group I'm involved in. While it's very rewarding, and I'm excited at the possibility to help out a worth charity during these tough economic times, it's been a little more time consuming than I anticipated.

Very little knitting - OK none if you can believe that - has occurred (except when I manage to make it Purly Girls!) I really can't remember the last time I've made it to the gym and any "free time" I do find myself with basically consists of me lying in front of the TV because I'm too tired/brain dead to do anything else! It's quite sad really.

But the auction is this Saturday night! I'm very excited for the event and I confess, I am also excited to have it over with! Then I can get back to my crafty/exercising ways! I'm already dreaming of my next projects. They include a baby quilt, several baby sweaters a shawl and a pair of socks for the hubby! I also can't wait to get back to reading all of the blogs that I've grown to love! I miss every one's creativity!


Shannon said...

I miss you too! But you sure have a full plate right now, so the radio silence is totally understandable.

Good luck tomorrow night!!! It's going to be a wild success, I just know it.

Sara K. said...

Yes, that is where we are at. Our blog is stuck on Good Friday, death, dark, no fun, Good Friday. We better get on it! -S