Saturday, May 18, 2013

imom: Will Patch for Cake

That's just one of the fun and great designs by Jessica Butler, founder of Eye Power Kid's Wear. She's another imom just trying to do the best for her little boy who, like Ruby, was also born with a pediatric cataract. 

She's got a kickstarter campaign for her t-shirt designs that are aimed at kids in glasses and patches. The fun designs and tongue-in-cheek sayings pretty much sum up things when our kids are out and about and people say things about patches and glasses. (Editor's note: Ruby doesn't wear glasses with her contact and patch but she will sometime I'm guessing within the year.)

I'm partial to the shirt with a super hero cape. Frankly, the world needs more shirts with super hero capes.

Especially for imoms. (Editor's note: that was totally and completely biased.)

Ruby will be sporting one of these Will Patch for Cake shirts soon. Because, really, what wouldn't you do for a yummy cupcake?


Rich and Jess said...

Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog! I can not wait to see your little girl in the will patch for cake shirt! Hopefully we will be able to offer more patching shirts for her!

Your daughter is adorable. Its nice to hear from other cataract mommies. My husband is heading to seattle tomorrow. I really wish I was going with him. We could have met up! If you are ever in the portland area we should get together. There are three of us here with cataract kids. :)

Meg said...

Thanks Jessica! We go to Portland a lot and I'd love to meet up! I've never met another "imom" - just online. I'd love to get the kiddos together. Ruby wouldn't know what to do if she saw another kid in an eye patch. She'd probably run up, poke him in the eye patch while yelling eye! Eye Patch! And do this for quite a while!

Rich and Jess said...

Let plan on it! I would love to meet you. We actually live in Eugene but our PO is here in portland so we come down quite often! I've met a few mom's on little 4 eyes (brandi) lives in Vancouver she has a 15 month old son born with bilateral congenital cataracts and (kelli) from salem has a 16 month old daughter born with a congenital cataract. There is also a mom with a 16 month old born with congenital glaucoma in portland. We try to get together often since all our kids are all seen in the portland area.

How old is Ruby?

Meg said...

Hey Jess,
Ruby is 19 months. I shared her story and some of our struggles on Little 4 Eyes. It's been a great resource and I learn more about other families and find other imoms. It's such a great community online. I can't wait to meet others in person. Here's where I shared her story:
Are you still looking for stories to highlight on your site? We don't wear glasses yet. I think they are coming within the year.

Amanda said...

Love everything about this post, even reading the comments! ;)