Monday, May 13, 2013

Little Free Library

Have you heard of them?

Little Free Libraries are popping up around neighborhoods all over the world. They are just that, little free libraries that people set up in their yards with the purpose of sharing the love of reading.

On a recent morning walk, Ruby and I discovered one in our neighborhood.

We peeked in and low & behold, we found a little board book by one of our favorite authors. 

Ruby was thrilled! 

Now we just need to head back to this little free library and return one of our books to pass along for someone else.

P.S. Aren't these Little Free Libraries so cute? I kind of want to build one in my front yard! Don't you?


Fiber Gallery said...

There's one just down the block from the shop. I smile every time I pass it.

Rebecca Mongrain said...

These are awesome! Molly and I love checking them out on our walks around Ballard.

Sara K. said...

So cute. I've seen them on blgs before, but never in person! So fun.