Wednesday, May 29, 2013

imom: Worst. Eye Mom. Ever.*

*This post is not for the squeamish.

You know your child goes to too many eye appointments when she immediately runs to spot in the office where they keep the model eye ball. And then takes it all apart.

OK, now that the formalities are out of the way, I need to share our latest eye-adventure.

Last Tuesday, the hubby took Ruby to the contact specialist because it was time to get her contact swapped out and clean. Plus, her allergies were bugging her and her eye was red. By the time the hubby picked her up from daycare, she had managed to rub it out of her eye. Luckily, they found it so all was well.

So they go on their merry little way to see Miss Susan at the contact office. They clean the contact and look at her eye and realize it's pretty red and just needs a break. The doctor looked at it for a while and thought it was just irritated. They sent them home and told them to come back later in the week for the new contact.

Two days later, two days with no contact and no patching (and hardly any battles....sigh....) she and I venture up to see Miss Susan again. I'm hoping the new prescription contact has come in (she had her new prescription lens in less than 24 hours when she lost it. Another post for another day when I have a gin & tonic in hand). But as I'm getting her into the car seat, I notice something in her eye: a contact. Now I know this can't be because they took it out 2 days earlier and said no contacts for 2 days. But yet, here was a contact. In. Her. Eye.

Maybe I'm crazy? Maybe I'm seeing things because I always want a contact to be on her pupil. Maybe she found one in her crib and thought, "Huh, what's all the fuss about anyway? I'll just pop this bad boy in my eye and let's forget the doc office & hit the park!"

Ruby & Miss Susan, our contact lens savior playing on the floor. Susan is pointing out the lens in her play eye - the one she is missing. I told Ruby to pick up the lens and put it in her coat pocket. I know, another parenting win.

I arrive at the office and promptly tell them I'm crazy because there's a contact in her eye. They give me the same look I'm giving Ruby. We all look and sure enough, there is a contact right on her pupil. Apparently, at the Tuesday appointment I missed, one of the doctors thought he saw something in the far, far corner of her eye but couldn't really tell because it was so red and irritated.

We pop it out and give it a good cleaning. We pop in another contact** (an older one because of course the new one hasn't arrived when I'm off of work). Susan and I both hope the mystery contact is in fact the new prescription one we thought we lost a week ago and it had simply been floating around somewhere in the back of her eye. 

However a quick check under the microscope reveals that no, it is not the new one, but an older one. Meaning God knows how long that contact had been floating around in my baby's eye ball!!!!!!

If you've just had that squeamish feeling run up and down your spine, then yeah, you're right where I was too. I freaked out for a second and then said, you know, this isn't the worst thing in the world. It clearly didn't bug her as she gave no indication there was something wrong with her eye (and trust me, she usually does.)

I've known something like this can happen and frankly, will most likely happen again. And again.

So for now, I just do my best to make sure the contact is on her pupil and we start the patching process again. We're down to just an hour a day again. However today, she proudly wore her eye patch all day. On her shirt.

Ah Ruby....good thing you're so damn cute!

**I love how I say "pop the contact in" like it's a breeze when the truth is we can't do it ourselves. We have to go into the clinic about every other week to get it switched out and cleaned. It takes myself, an assistant and Susan to get the contact in her eye. She's a fighter. And a screamer. And a kicker. But with three of us (OK, somedays it takes 4 of us)....we can make it happen. Susan and I have also decided this counts as a workout because there's a lot of stress, increased heart rate, sweating, tears (mostly Ruby's. And if we're honest here, mine too). And then Ruby & I go to Starbucks for a treat which is thankfully next door.


Amanda said...

Oh the drama of the freakin contact... how one tiny, clear disk can have such an impact on daily life. Only a true imom can feel this pain, your pain... I am sorry. Please please please do NOT believe you are the worst imom ever, I know it can feel like that. But the worst Eye mom ever is the mom who chooses to give this battle up. You my dear imom friend are doing the best you can and that is all you can do. This journey is long and in time you will look back in awe at how far you and Ruby have come.

Meg said...

Thanks Amanda! I needed that today (another day where the freakin' contact is on the side of her eye and so patch!)

bridge buddy said...

Wow, isn't parenting the most difficult and at the same time rewarding experience of a lifetime? I came to look at your cooking stuff but enjoy reading your Mom stuff too.
Cheers! Oh yes, I'm a WS mom with a blog too...