Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Helpful words of wisdom

As I continue to suffer from my holiday knitting syndrome - the one that has me constantly looking through pattern books to see what else I can "whip out" - I laugh as I type this as those in the knitting circle know I don't "whip" anything out - I came across this little gem in HandKnit Holidays,
"Holiday Knitting Strategies:"
"1. Prioritize - choose one person on your list to knit for this year and focus on that project alone" - I did that, my dad's gaiter - the project that is still in its original skein form!
"2. Start early -Why scramble make gifts in December when one can start in August or better yet, in January!" Who the hell does that? Isn't this part of the stress, I mean fun?
"3. Think easy but personal" - what is easy?
Hmmm, maybe I should have actually read the book instead of just looking at the pretty pictures when I bought it back in July!!!

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