Friday, November 10, 2006

Madrona Classes

For once I was on top of something these day! I signed up early and got all the knitting classes I wanted for Madrona! I had to get to work early to get some stuff done and ended up registering - didn't get any work done for the first 30 minutes, but I got my classes so that's all that matters!
I'm taking:
  • Saturday morning - Twisting with the Cable Girl - Fiona Ellis
  • Saturday afternoon - Needle Felting - Leigh Radford
  • Sunday morning - Sweaters that Fit - Secrets of Sizing and Gauge

I'm very excited about the Sunday class as I'm the worst at gauge! And speaking of gauge....the hat for the fiance continues to frustrate me! I finished it (for the second time in case anyone is counting) and I had him try it on and it's still too small! So I've ripped it back (again) and I'm planning on adding another 2 inches before I start the decreases! I've decided the problem is not me, it's just a small pattern and that he has an unusually large head. I'm seriously rethinking giving birth to his children.


tiennie said...

You know, you could have fallen in love with someone with a smaller head, I'm just sayin'..

Anonymous said...

Megs- The Madrona sounds fun, way to get in early and get the classes you wanted. It makes me want to start getting more crafty - but I am not sure if I could handle knitting. To bad I am not near you for some lessons (and for more reasons than that!!!)!!!

I understand about the large melon thing...I just try not to think about how big Shawn's head is!