Monday, November 20, 2006

Knitting Accountability

As the days draw closer to Thanksgiving, its giving me time to reflect on a few things, like how freakin' far behind I am on my Christmas knitting! And since I seem to be suffering from holiday stress knitting, which in my case, makes me deviate from the original holiday knitted gift lists and start other projects, I thought I'd just lay it all out right here on the blog to force a little accountability on myself.
Here I go:
Wrist warmers for a certain someone one made from Lamb's Pride and Kid Silk Haze (both from the stash, thank you very much). This wasn't a pre-planned gift, something I just decided to whip up when I came across the yarns in the stash. There is a 95% chance she'll only get one in her stocking come Christmas morning.

Beer Cozies for Matt and my dad. Matt cozies' are in Idaho Vandal colors - black and gold (GO VANDALS!) and my dad's are in Boise State Univ. colors - blue and orange (WHO DO WE HATE? BOISE STATE! - yeah, only Sara and Matt will get that and the latter doesn't check the blog.) Another last minute gift idea tossed into the mix - also stash yarn, but did have to buy the black. Thought it would be funny for them to open them at the same time on Christmas morning. (Editor's note: BSU and UI are big ol' rivals).

This is the yarn for the only pre-planned knitted holiday gift this year - a gaiter for my dad. Note how it is still in the skein form. Gunna work on that this weekend, hopefully.

And the baby bolero. It's not a Christmas gift, but needs to be ready to give to mamma on Dec. 13th. And yes, this is the same picture from earlier this week as I have not touched the project in a while. Please feel free to nag (don't get too carried away there Supergirl) me on these.


Shawn and Sara said...

1) I love the great shot of your ring on the wrist warmers!

2) I-D-A-H-O!!!! Idaho! Idaho! Go! Go! Go! I love the beer cozies (is that the plural of that word - oh how my linguistics class is seeping in to my real life) - but you know which cozy I would prefer!!!

3) Don't is still November. Not that any retail outlet wants you to think that!

Anonymous said...

Hey I got that also. I wasn't to upset thought because I was just thinking about BSU going to the Fiesta Bowl! And what bowl game is it that U of I is playing in?

Jenifer O.