Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Inspiration with Leigh Radford

Last night I took a creativity class with Leigh Radford. It was all about thinking outside of the box and just what I needed. We had several creative exercises including grab bag knitting - we had to knit whatever was in the bag - wire, tulle, tinsel, the tape out of a cassette tape. It was very inspiring to hear about her designs, where she gets her ideas and what she's working on next. She also had several examples of needle felting projects. I'm taking another of her classes at the Madrona retreat next month and I'm so excited about needle felting. I feel it could be my next knitting obsession!

P.S. Be sure to wish Mara a happy belated birthday! I meant to post yesterday but that was the class! Sorry Mara, but happy birthday!


Shawn and Sara said...

Ah! The power of inspiration! -Sara

Holly Burnham said...

I smiled reading your post....I am a very 'safe' knitter....I even often make a project using the same colors as the pattern picture shows! I really NEED a class like you just took.