Thursday, December 21, 2006

A knitting miracle...

This may just be possible!

The wrist warmers are done! (No, you're not seeing things, one is slightly bigger than the other. The pattern was very large and didn't fit right. I may redo the larger one if that is what the giftee would like.)

And the gaiter is back on track! I haven't measured it yet but am almost finished with the first skein! Lots of time at the airport tonight to keep working on it!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! I'm off for a family visit and sadly, they have dial-up. So unless one of the unsuspecting suburban neighbors has unsecured Internet access for the lap top, there won't be any posts for a while as I don't have the patience for blogging with dial-up!

Happy Holidays!


Rebecca said...

A Christmas FRICK'N Miracle indeed! Good Work!

You've been tagged for a weird meme! Check out my blog for the rules.

Carrie said...

What a comeback!!! Based on what you said before I thought the gaiter was a lost cause for this year. What a great surprise! Have a wonderful time with the family!!

Shawn and Sara said...

Yay Meg! Have fun in Les Bois! I will be missing that sleepy little hamlet! -Sara