Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Mancho

Now what is a Mancho you ask? Lemme tell you. It's when you get Rebecca and I collaborating on a pattern. She may have given me wrong info about how many stitches to cast on (I was using different needles and yarn than what the pattern called for) and I may have not checked my gauge - neither of us are taking full responsibility/credit for the Mancho which is why we're friends. So then you have this:
A gaiter that is way to big, possibly the beginnings of a poncho except for the fact that it's for my dad. One suggestion at knitting last night was from another fabulous knitter named Rebecca. She thinks like me and how can we salvage this and not have to rip out. Her suggestion: to add a ribbed collar to the Mancho to give it a tighter feel around the neck and a flare around the shoulders. While that is a fabulous style idea for the Mancho, I informed everyone that my father isn't a gay man, but rather and outdoor-Idaho-let's-go-fishing/camping-and-build-stuff kind of a man. Needless to say I provided the group (and myself - more so myself) with a good laugh. Now comes the next day sobering part: what the hell do I do with the Mancho two weeks before Christmas? I think it's time for a little holiday frogging.

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Shawn and Sara said...

you crack me up...well really the image of RD in the "Mancho" sends me to fits of giggles! -Sara