Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tea with Sarah McLachlan

Well, kind of anyway. Yesterday I met with Carrie and Rebecca for tea and knitting at Queen Mary's Tea Room and who was sitting at the very next table? None other than Sarah McLachlan! I thought she looked familiar but didn't quite recognize her. After she left, Rebecca leans over and says, "I think that was Sarah McLachlan!" Then the waitress and the owner came running over to us and said, "Oh my gosh! You guys practically had tea with Sarah McLachlan!" Our tables were so close, I could have reached over and borrowed her cream and sugar! After she left, we got down to knitting business as we all began casting on for socks! 2007 is the year Rebecca is determined to make us learn how to knit socks! After a shaky start with mine, I think they are coming right along!
(See that guy over Carrie's shoulder? That's where Sarah McLachlan was sitting!)


tantakringle said...

I live just around the corner from the Queen Mary tea shop and almost stopped in yesterday to buy some tea- now I wish I had!

I just found your blog and as a new knitter in Seattle I'm so glad I did! Happy New Year!!!

Shawn and Sara said...

You know I am loving this post! First tea and then Sarah! So cool! :) The knitting is cool too, I just don't have my personal Meg knitting expert in DC to teach me the ropes (or should I say skeins?!?!?! oh my that was a Dad type of joke if I ever heard one (it sometimes scares me when he comes out of my mouth!!)! -Sara