Thursday, December 20, 2007

A battle for third place

The Knitting Football Stars started off the Fantasy Football season, so strong, so capable, so full of promise - much like beautiful new yarn ready to go with a fabulous pattern. But halfway through the season - or body of the sweater if you will - they dropped a few stitches. And we just spiraled downhill. After a winning streak of several games, we plummeted to the bottom. Now it's a battle for third place with the hubby. Keep your fingers crossed for us.


Anonymous said...

So if you and your hubby are battling for 3rd place, who is in the championship matchup? Whoever those 2 are, they must be excellent managers to be ahead of both you and the hubby.

Baby Isha said...

Go knitting football stars! Kick some hubby butt!

Sara K. said...

Too bad the stitches dropped! I hope your all-stars kick some bootie!!! :) -S