Sunday, December 02, 2007

In the holiday spirit

The holiday spirit is flowing freely at our house (at least with me anyway)! The tree and all decorations are up! They help light up the gray, rainy, Seattle winter weather. Half of my holiday shopping is done! I saw the Pacific Northwest Ballet Nutcracker with some friends Friday night. Nothing kicks starts the holiday spirit like the Nutcracker! One of my knitted gifts is finished (no pictures yet as the receiver of said knitted gift is a reader here). And I've just finished downloading all of my Christmas music on my new laptop (which I'm totally loving right now despite the fact that its taking me away from my precious knitting time!). Plus it snowed in Seattle yesterday! Big, white, fluffy flakes! Of course they were really wet and melted instantly, but still, for a little while, it turned gray, rainy Seattle into a white winter wonderland!


Baby Isha said...

There is nothing as great as the first snow of the year. I need to get going on the decorating, but I an dreading it because I know that I am just going to have to keep Isha out of everything.

Sara K. said...

Sounds fantastic! We are headed to the Nutcracker soon (one of my youth group kids is dancing). Wish we could have gone together! And I am REALLY impressed with your diligence! -S

weebug said...

wasn't the snow beautiful though? nothing makes me want to snuggle in and knit more than good snowy weather.